How to get started with XBID


1. Register an account and identify yourself with BankID / Or manual approval for an foreign citizens account.

Select "Login" and press "Register Account" then fill in the registration form to create an account. The username field is what you use to log in, this can be anything. This will not be visible to other users. Make sure the form is filled in correctly. Where we discover fake accounts, these are deleted/blocked, and suspected identity theft is reported to the police. Tick if you want a newsletter from at the bottom. Click on "Complete registration" when everything is ready. You will now receive an email with the activation code to confirm that your email is genuine. When your email has been verified, you must also log in and verify yourself as a person with BankID before you can start bidding and selling. This creates security for both buyers and sellers.

  • If you are a citizen of a country other than Norway and/or don't have BankID we have to manually approve your account for bidding. Please create your account as normal, then send us an copy of your ID to Normally a drivers license would suffice.
  • We operate with the Norwegian currency "NOK"/"KR" on all our auctions.
  • To translate the whole website, simply right click and "Translate to English". NOTE! This can also translate the currency symbols incorrectly, just remember it's always "NOK" (Norwegian Kroners)


2. Log in

When you want to log in to the pages of, you must first press "Log in" in the menu at the top right. Enter your username and password. Then click log in. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on "Have you forgotten your password" and have a new one sent to your registered e-mail address.


3. Your account

Under "My account" you will find "My Page". Here you can find an overview of all your activity and information. You can also change your password and personal information here.


4. Use of the search function

The search function is always easily accessible. Search for model/make/type in the "Enter keyword" box


5. Auctions

If you find an auction object that is of interest, click on the image or title to get more information about the auction object. Once you have done that, you will enter a detailed view of the auction. Here you can read more about the object, see more photos and other useful information that may be useful before you place a bid. You will see the auction remaining time, minimum price, bid increase and current bid. If you wish to place a bid, log in with your username and password and register your bid.


6. Outbid

If someone makes a higher bid than you, you will be automatically informed by email. You will be given a link to the object to quickly enter to place a higher bid if desired.


7. Monitor auction

To monitor an auction, you can press "monitor object" which you will find under the "Register bid" button. For auctions you have already bid on and/or activated monitoring, you will find these under "My Page" and "Objects" / "Bids"


8. Won auction

If you are the leading bidder at the end of the auction and the minimum price has been reached, you have won the object. You will receive an automatically generated email confirming this. Within 2 working days at the latest, you will receive an e-mail with invoice/payment information for the object.


9. In the event of an active auction

While the auction is in progress and after, you are automatically notified by e-mail when there is activity. When someone submits a higher bid or if you are resold on the object. If you react to someone immediately outbidding you, this is due to the "Auto bid" function. Someone may have entered a higher auto bid which means that your bid will be outbid immediately. NB! A bid is binding and cannot be changed. Inside the detailed view of an object you will find the full bid history. For reasons of privacy, user information is not visible.


10. Guidelines

All auctions have a minimum price. All bids given after the start of the auction must be higher than or equal to the given starting bid. All auctions have a start date and an end date. Bidding is only permitted during this period. In all auctions, the bids are ranked according to the size of the amount and the time of the given bid. All auctions have a defined bid increase. The size of the submitted bid must always be the minimum increment (fixed increase) or greater than the bid you bid above. All bids are legally binding!


11. Autobid

We also offer an autobid function. Autobid registers the highest amount you want to give for the object. Xbid will then act as a bid agent for you. When using this, the system will automatically place bids for you with the smallest bid increase until your autobid is reached. If your autobid cannot exceed the highest bid, a bid will NOT be made for you. Autobid can be changed along the way if you want to increase this, but not deleted. Autobids must be set to the minimum highest bid plus the minimum allowable bid increase.


12. Unforeseen events - operational reliability

Unfortunately, unforeseen events can happen. You may lose the internet connection to our servers via PC, mobile, tablet or other, and you may miss updates on new offers. You will be able to receive emails with new bids. We recommend that you regularly update the website with the "Refresh" button of your browser. We work actively to keep the auction reliable and reliable at all times. But, as everyone knows, technical problems can arise that prevent auctions from being carried out as expected. In the unlikely event that this happens, we reserve the right to cancel a closed auction even if the winning bidder has been notified that he has the highest bid after the auction has ended, without this including